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MKE Partnership


Dear Client,
After 30 years of operating as a partnership, MKE has now taken a major step to
operate as a Company. ALMUKHTAR LAW FIRM (named after the founder of MKE)
was established in December 2022 as a civil law professional company pursuant to
Law No. 3/2014 organizing the lawyer’s profession and its Implementation
ALMUKHTAR LAW FIRM will be a continuation of MKE inheriting the values that
MKE was based on and the experience that MKE accumulated over the last 30 years
of practice.
We are hopeful that operating under this vehicle will allow us to improve and
expand our areas of practice through recruiting additional young, energetic and
well experienced lawyers.
We, the partners and staff of ALMUKHTAR LAW FIRM, would like to assure all our
MKE clients that they will continue to receive the same attention, dedication and
high quality professional legal services as they were used to receive from MKE
partners and staff.
Best regards
Ahmed M. Abdulaziz
Executive Manager

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