About Us

Almukhtar Law Firm is a Libyan law firm based in Tripoli, Libya. Almukhtar Law Firm is a continuation of the law office of Mukhtar, Kelbash and Elgharabli known as (“MKE”) which was established in the early 1990's, following liberalization of private legal practice in Libya, by the three named partners, Mahmud Mukhtar, Bahloul Kelbash and Abdudayem Elgharabli, MKE was later joined by Mr. Ahmed Abdulaziz as a partner in 2014.
The Firm initially focused on the oil and gas sector, being the biggest sector of the Libyan economy, advising international exploration and production companies and oilfield services companies on various aspects of the Libyan Petroleum Laws, corporate and labour laws and regulations as well as representing them before various Libyan courts and tribunals. The Firm also developed a comprehensive construction practice, advising international contractors on major projects of the time.
With the continued growth and liberalization of the Libyan economy, highlighted by new emerging sectors in various commercial and corporate fields, as well as banking and finance, telecom and tourism, the Firm further developed its expertise in these areas by expanding its focus to cover foreign investment, banking and finance and corporate laws, amongst others.
As well as continuing to advise some of the biggest names in the Libyan and international oil and gas sector, the firm has developed a solid client base which include major international contractors, telecoms firms, commercial and investment banks and private equity funds, defense companies and others. The firm has also developed strong working relationships with international law firms based in the Middle East, the US, the UK and Europe.
The Firm has grown in size to meet the demands of its clients and growing interest in the Libyan market. After upgrading a senior associate to a partner we are now four partners, and one associates as well as a team of supporting staff. Our office is located in Dahara business district in the heart of the city of Tripoli.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing high quality legal advice and representation to meet the needs of international companies in navigating the legal waters in Libya, ensuring that their business ventures are successful from a legal perspective in this highly-rewarding but often difficult market. ALMUKHTAR prides itself on its professional values and code of conduct, strong work ethic and responsiveness to clients' legal needs and demands by focusing on purely professional legal advice and representation. With a team of western educated and highly experience lawyers, ALMUKHTAR has won praise and accolades from clients and the international legal press for its involvement in some of the most high profile transactions and projects in Libya and for its role as Libyan legal counsel to the leading international companies doing business in Libya.

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